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How to Place an Order

Send Us Your Design 

  • Provide us with Drawings, Materials and Hardware Specs
  • We’ll provide you with a free quote (price and schedule) to build.

Choose From the Cambium Collection

  • Call or Email us the title(s) of pieces, and we will provide you with more info, including pricing.
  • All pieces are "made to order", so substitutions of materials and sizes are easy to accommodate.

Request Custom Design

  • Describe (phone or email) whatever thoughts you have thus far (use, materials, approximate sizes….) 
  • Include visual references (magazine photos, preliminary sketches…), if available.
  • We will contact you with possible questions, free ballpark pricing and feedback on possible ways to proceed.
  • Typically we’ll visit your site, if nearby, to take careful measurements and meet with you in-person to learn more about your ideas.
  • If you decide to hire us to design, we require a modest deposit to get started. 
  • Once design is complete, you’re welcome to submit them to us (or anyone else) for competitive bids to build.
  • Any unused portion of the design deposit will be returned to you, or can be used toward the “build portion”, if you decide to hire us to build.

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